Once Upon A Time

     Do you know for how long I’ve had this blog? Almost two years. And how many times have I posted? Uhhhh, let me think…..zilch…zero…never! You know how we always want to do something and most times never get past the “wanting to” stage? That is the classic tale behind this blog and many other things to which I and most of you dear readers have played damsel in distress a lot (and I mean a LOT) of times.
    Once upon a time, I was a girl (well I’m still a girl really…..for the lack of testosterone). Back to the point, I was a girl who had a lot of dreams. I wanted to travel the world; go to space; be president; look like superman; live underwater; and fall in love. That doesn’t even come close to one-third of the list, but then I’m not ready to be sentenced for life to an asylum, am I? The point is I had all these dreams which were my ideals at the time, but what’s happening to all of them? Ok, I understand that leotards and a cape are best suited to Clarke Kent only; and maybe my desire to change habitat evaporated as soon as I graduated from ‘The Little Mermaid’ to ‘Jaws’. Still, that leaves a pretty long list. Pardon my use of the past tense, considering that this is a memoir, as opposed to a eulogy. But seriously, how fast does time travel between the two?
     It could be something as simple as that time when I wanted to buy an umbrella. For various reasons I wasn’t able to get one. Believe me, I tried. Except that none of them ever matched the scarf or dress I was wearing, and when I did find one of a suitable color, the sun was shining again. So what did yours truly do? I left the shop of the fuming Ibo woman and used the money to buy a snack at KFC. It didn’t feel so finger lickin’ good anymore when I got drenched on my way back home. I actually like the rain, just not when my teeth are chattering, my clothes are plastered to my skin and my once white sneakers are now camouflage in the mud. Considering that my mum had been going on about this umbrella since forever, she had a good laugh and I got a cold. I found an umbrella the next day, the biggest and multi-colored one…..and then the rain ceased for a month.
     Or imagine it was something more serious, like a friend I know that came close to entering gbese.  He hadn’t serviced his car in a while and his breaks developed a fault –they kept ceasing. Go to the mechanic’s and get it fixed, right? My friend kept on managing this car to and fro work for two weeks, because he couldn’t “find time”. On a faithful day, his brakes ceased once more and a little boy selling gala darted across the road that moment. He hit the boy of course and the latter sustained major injuries. Thankfully, it wasn’t fatal cos he went over some speed bumps that reduced the impact a bit. But what if the little boy had died all because someone neglected to care for their car? That day, my friend stayed with the boy all day at the hospital. He found that time.
     When we fail to do the right things or we do them at the wrong time, there are always consequences….which are mostly unfavorable. It could result in pneumonia or a lost life –or in my case, a daily lecture on how “time waits for no one” from my dad. So, my lesson learnt today is:
“live life, while you still can”
   And it’s in that spirit that I’m going to revisit my childhood dreams –at least the ones that exclude superpowers and fin and gill transplants. So in the nearest future, I’ll be able to say a positive “once upon a time”.


2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. U conveniently left out what happened to d falling in love part. Who is d “Alfa with d shining beard”?

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