If you’re a real Nigerian, you must have boarded at least twice those big, yellow buses known as danfo. They are the most common and cheapest form of public transport in the country. They live up to the expectation of their name, flying across the roads like it was some personal tarmac. And they are forever making stops at the never ending cries of “O wa!” from a passenger, at which the driver pauses for him to alight. It’s really comical to realize that this is the same ‘speed-pause-speed’ syndrome that defines the fashion world. Trends spread like wildfire and the trendoids (robots who follow trends like the 11th commandment, but they prefer the term ‘fashionistas’) stick to them religiously until the designers and fashion forecasters declare a new ‘bus stop’. I swear it’s like a resurgence of the colonial era, except the only chains being wielded by our slave masters this time are those of a Louis Vuitton purse!
     Like seriously, there is a difference between haute couture and street fashion. These designers create new looks and inspire our wardrobes year after year, but that’s all it really is…..inspiration. The runway is an avenue to inspire our own inner style star. All these trends are simply to be incorporated into our own personal style. You don’t have to change your person in order to be ‘fashionable’. And we must not forget that Islam is against wastefulness and unnecessary extravagance. Instead, you should find a style that defines your personality and is in accordance with the shariah and stick to it, irrespective of what some funny looking people on Fashion TV think.
   Let’s remind ourselves about the dress regulations for females in Islam:
Free flowing material, i.e not clingy or tight
Not transparent
The kimar should cover the head, neck and bossoms
No transgender dressing
Nothing flashy e.g loud, traffic stopping colors
But most of all, dress for the sake of Allah.
     Besides, common logic dictates that if you keep hopping from one trend bus to the other, bankruptcy does not begin to describe what your financial life will look like in the next couple of years –unless of course you have a severe case of ‘born with a silver spoon’; or your family is able to make millions from a reality TV show which is a mockery of the noun ‘reality’; or you have an unlimited credit card; or you have a very handsome settlement from divorcing husband number 4. Otherwise, please wake up and face the reality: this is the employment market baby, and nothing is fashionable until your bankroll says so. Because you see, fashion is ever changing…but style, that is eternal.


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