Lagos · Love · love at first sight · Shakespeare · sonnet

From Lagos, With Love.

 So, here is the sonnet I promised. I’m never telling the story behind the inspiration. Anyways, this is the prelude to my next giveaway, so you want to stay tuned. Enjoy!

When I meet you for the first time,
Don’t be fooled if I act like I don’t give a dime.
If you talk and I pretend not to hear,
It’s probably because I’m envisioning us as a pair.

I may look past you, seeming distracted,

Trust me. it’s a façade cos I’m attracted.
And if I fake anger and call you stupid,
Forget it, I’m only cursing at Cupid.
Don’t get mad at me pulling at my pearl,
I’m just wondering when I’ll get to be your girl.
I promise my heart has no previous patents,
So buckle up, let’s go meet my parents.
You don’t think me mad, right?
It’s just that I fell in love at first sight.

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