Ok, don’t ask about the inspiration for the title of this post.  We cannot ignore our appearance as Muslim ladies. The state of your nails goes a long way in enhancing that appearance. Give them the much needed va-va-voom by using HSM’s special homemade mani-pedi treatment. It’s easy; doesn’t involve the stress and financial strain of salons; and best of all, it’s all halaal!

So, let’s begin with:

2 bowls

A pumice stone

A soft brush

A buffer

A cuticle remover

A nail cutter

A nail file

Henna (the one that comes with an applicator is much easier to use!)

Cool water

Hot water

Any liquid body wash

1/3 cup of cooking oil

1 tablespoon of salt or granulated sugar

Baby oil

Your favorite perfume



  • Fill 2 wide plastic bowls with cold water. Add hot water till you get a very warm temperature. The bowls should be filled about halfway.
  • Drop some liquid body wash into the water. Soak your hands and feet respectively in the two bowls. The warm water opens your skin pores, allowing for a deep cleansing.
  • Start with your hands. Wash them properly with the soapy water. You can make use of the brush to scrub them gently. Repeat this process with your feet.
  • Now, mix the cooking oil with salt or sugar. You should have a smooth-grainy texture. Apply this to your hands and feet. Rub it in very well and allow to rest for 2-3 minutes
  • Use the pumice stone to scrub your hands first, then your feet. Scrub gently, but apply firm pressure. Focus on the palms and soles. This step will help remove dead skin cells from the area and unveil fresher, softer skin. This process is safer and more effective than the razor-scraping done in the salons.
  • Make a fresh soapy mixture like we did before. Wash your hands and feet again. While your hands and feet are still damp, use the cuticle remover to take out some of the lose cuticles around your finger and toe nails. Be careful not to hurt yourself. You could sterilize the cuticle remover with some antiseptic or spirit, considering how sensitive the skin is.
  • Next, trim your nails with a nail cutter. It’s Sunnah to cut your nails (especially on Fridays) and it looks more presentable! Cut your nails in a straight line.
  • File the rough edges of the nails to your desire.
  • Then, buff the nails with the buffer. Not only does this remove any residual particles from the nails, it stimulates blood flow to the nail surface, giving that rosy effect.
  • You can wash your hands and feet once more. Follow this with a rinse in cold water. This closes up your skin pores against impurities.
  • When you’re through with the application, leave your nails to dry for 15-20 minutes. Then, rinse the nails properly with cold water.
  • For the finishing touch, drop some baby oil (we used Johnson’s Baby Oil) into a small container. Add some of your favorite perfume into it and mix properly. Massage well into your hands and feet.


There. You have clean, sweet smelling nails without burning a hole in your purse. Oh and we’ll be uploading a pictorial soon, so….watch out for that.



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