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………………..Drumrolls! Presenting my October giveaway right on time for the beautiful celebration of Eid. Sorry it took so long. This time, I’m hosting a poetry competition which is open to anyone with a heart and some ink. The theme for this contest is love….of course! And there’s a catch, we’ll be submitting entries that are fourteen lines. Yep! You heard…..only sonnets please. Apparently, I’m still suffering the after effects of my affair with Shakespeare. Read the guidelines below:
  •   Like I said, the theme is love.Mother’s love, love for a spouse, love for one’s country, love of God, etc. Just love!
  •   It must be a sonnet i.e. fourteen-lined poem
  •   I have a faint heart (wink) so please no sexually explicit or inappropriate content
  •  Your lines do not necessarily have to rhyme
  •   Do NOT copyfrom an existing work –online, literary texts, etc. Poetry is all about originality and copying would be the height of disrespect to the institution of words……don’t mind the grammar…just DON’Tcopy!!!
  • Send in your entries with MS Word. Font style should be Times New Roman and font size is 14.
  •   Send your entry (each participant is entitled to ONE entry) as an attachment to my email:
  •   Please include your Name, Sex, and Contact Number in the body of the mail.
  •   Also, write a short paragraph about your poem in the body of the mail.
  • All entries must be sent in on or before 10pm on October 28th, 2013.
  •   My last giveaway was open to Nigerians only, but this competition is open to anyone who lives on this planet a.k.a. Earth, as long as you have a valid mailing address… aliens beware (lol).
   As before, the prize will be kept TOP secret until October 30th, 2013, when the winner will be announced. All I can say is, it’s going to be even more fantablogous than last time.
   I reserve the right to choose the winner solely at my discretion based on the content and its appeal to me. Now, we all have poetic license to write as we please, just like I have reader’s license to read and decide what I like. So we make a pretty balanced equation, don’t we? Now that we are in accord and promise not to stiff the life out of each other, let the scribbles begin.
     Run away with your imagination and let it take you to places beyond your dreams. This is going to be fun, I can tell. I hope that you find your muse somewhere in this crazy world of words……and I look forward to the joy that it could inspire in me. Every heartbeat counts in the race of your pen against time. All the best!


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