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It’s the beginning of a new Hijra calendar, a special moment for Muslims all over the world. It is particularly an opportunity for deep, sober reflection and rememberance of our Lord.
   Contrary to the  immorality, champagne and fireworks which accompany the ‘New Year’ in virtually every part of the world, it’s a wonderful breath of fresh air to witness the calm and reverie brought on by the Hijra.

What do u know about the Hijrah?
Is it history or a calendar?

Before we go back in time,
Let’s talk about muharram

Praise be to Allaah
the Lord of the Worlds
peace and blessings be upon
our Prophet Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets, and upon
all his family and companions.

Allah’s sacred month
That is Muharram,
The Blessed month.
The first month
of the Hijri calendar
One of the four Sacred ones.

The year is twelve months
of which four are sacred-
the three consecutive months
And that which comes
between Jumaada and Sha’baan

“so wrong not yourselves therein…” 

Means do not wrong yourselves
in these sacred months,
because sin in these months
is worse than in other months.

Ibn ‘Abbaas said that this phrase
(so wrong not yourselves therein…)
referred to all the months.
Then these four were singled out
and made sacred.
So that sin in these months
is more serious.
And good deeds
bring a greater reward.

Allaah has chosen certain ones
of His creation.
He has chosen from among
the angels Messengers
Also from among
mankind Messengers.
He chose from among speech
the remembrance of Him (dhikr).
He chose from the earth the Masjids
From among the months
Ramadaan and the sacred months.
From among the days, Friday
And from the nights Laylat al-Qadr.

So venerate that which
Allaah has told us to venerate.
Fast the ashoora
And try to keep a clean sheet.

But do not innovate!
Do not say happy new year
Nor congratulate
Saying Happy Hijrah
Is not in our affair
It is foreign to the sunnah
It is copying the nasaara
….and whoever imitates
a group of people is one of them.

So if you care so much
about his Hijrah(migration)
Ponder upon his naseehah(admonition)
……and an emigrant is he who migrates from what Allaah prohibits.

   It is hoped that these words would remain inscribed in our hearts, to comfort us and keep us steadfast on the path. May we all partake in Allah’s bounty. This year and always.

Ibn Nasir



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