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Modesty is Beautiful

We have all gone through the frustration of going from shops to shops looking for that perfect outfit. But it is always, ooh the skirt is not long enough, the sleeve is too short or the top too tight and clingy.

    Why wear a bolero, cardigan or jacket on a top even when it is hot. Just because the sleeves are not long enough. Or why wear a trouser under a dress because the dress is too short?. Why keep layering ? .

At times wearing more than two tops just to meet the standard. So we decided to design our own perfect blouse, our own perfect dress, skirt e.t.c because only we alone understand our needs and wants.

     SISTERSHOP was created to address the gap in the mainstream shop for modest but stylish clothes for women.The team is made up of sisters like you, Godfearing, intelligent, hardworking, passionate,stylish e.t.c . We painstakingly go through fabric after fabric, colours after colours only to settle for the best for you. So no matter what size you are, you will always feel at home at the SISTERSHOP.

  To join the class of fabulous Muslim women who look to SISTERSHOP to make then look haaalstic… the link below:



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