And the Winner is…..

In the Pen Your Heart poetry competition, which i held last month, i chose the theme of love. I did say you could write on any sort of love, but all the entries focused on the heart stopping, eyelash fluttering, weak knee kind. I sincerely apologise that i’m only unveiling the winner now….almost a month after. I wasnt able to reach her (yes it’s a her :)) and she only replied my mail earlier today. Next time, i think i’ll put in a timeframe to redeem your prize, after which it goes to second place.
 That aside, this was a lovely experience for me. It was highly intriguing the way each person intepreted this subject uniquely. This has convinced me 60% that humans aren’t just a bunch of clones.
  After 17 entries (1 disqualified, 12 from Nigeria, 3 from other African countries, 1 from a non-African country) and a mini war between my conscience and my silly heart, the one poem which stole my breath away was “Love, Not Yet” by Chidinma Onyebuchi. She’s a lovely girl to behold with so much mental energy!
  The story in Chidinma’s sonnet is the crazy rollercoaster that defines most relationships involving really young people. It’s a never ending ride of puppy eyes and tantrums coupled with a million break ups and make ups with intervals ranging from days to weeks and if you’re lucky, months.
  The poem tells this story through the eyes  of a girl who erroneously believes she’s in a relationship, before realising she was just in the friend zone……(that could be quite embarrassing) She eventually consoles herself by acknowledging fleeting nature of young love. Read the winning sonnet below:

LOVE, NOT YET -Chidinma Onyebuchi

It’s not that you broke my heart;
It was never yours from the start.
But somewhere in our merry-go-round hike,
You knew, was something of strong like.
I know we both sighed at the if-onlys,
And at the couple we were never to be.
But the speed with which she happened,
And became your more-than-a-friend
Never ceases to make me wonder,
And ask more questions than there are answers.
You see, I’m not jealous -that only happens to an ‘ex’
I don’t feel replaced; I wasn’t in her place – yet.
I’m just glad I won’t be on your list of conquests;
They all commuted from girl-friends to good friends.

   Congrats to Chidinma on winning a beeaaauutiful travel journal to pen all those memories down and a box of delicious ferrerocher chocolates. Due to her tardiness, she missed out on her other prize, which was a ticket to the premiere of Saro, the Musical. Lovely broadway classic by the gifted Bolanle Austen-Peters of Terra Kulture.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway. I hope we enjoy more fantablogous times together, here on Viva Kadija.



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