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Calls To Him


I find myself in darkness. Unable to move.
Tears stream my face. Light, I need Light. 


I think of Yunus in the belly of the whale. عليه السلام
In the depth of the ocean. In the darkness of night. 



He cried out, ‘There is no God but You, Glory
be to You. Indeed, I have been of the wrong-doers.’


His darkness vanished. His prayers were answered. 


I think of Ibrahim, they swept him into the fire. عليه السلام
Blazing fire. Melting heat. Burning day. 


He cried out, ‘Sufficient for me is Allah and
He is the best disposer of affairs.’ 


The fire cooled down. His prayers were answered.


I think of Yaqoob, blinded by grief. عليه السلام
Separated from his two beloved sons. 


He cried out, ‘I complain of my grief and
sadness to Allah’. Sabrun Jameel – he epitomised. 


Sight regained. Sons reunited. His prayers were answered. 


I think of Ayoob. Wealth and family -all lost. عليه السلام
Disease runs through his every cell. 


He cried out, ‘Indeed, adversity has touched me,
and You are the most Merciful of the merciful.’ 


His Rizq was bestowed back. His prayers were answered. 


musaI think of Musa. Between the sea and Pharoah. عليه السلام

The merciless enemy or the unrelenting water.


He said, with unwavering faith upon His Master
‘Verily, with me is my Lord, He will guide me’ 


The sea parted. Saved. His prayers were answered. 



I think of Zachariah. Old age beckoned.  عليه السلام
White hair and frail body. Widout a heir. 


He cried out, ‘Bless me from Yourself a heir,
who will inherit from me and from the family of Yaqoob’ 


To him was gifted Yahya. His prayers were answered. 


I think of the Beloved at Taif. Stones thrown. ﷺ
Humiliated. Saddened beyond  words. 


He cried , ‘ I seek refuge in the Light of Your Face,
By which all darkness is dispelled.’


Mira’aj was his next journey. His prayers were answered. 


Seas parted. Fires cooled. Child born. Sons reunited.
All with the help of heartfelt, sincere duas. 


I raise my hands in prayer, to dispel me of this darkness,
to protect me from hamm and hazan
for my Rizq, not to be restricted from me. 


Ya Rabb…

This poem was sent in by Dr. Shahira,

a dentist from India. She is a proud Muslimah

and a firm believer in the telling of stories.

You can read more of the delightful words

from the doctor at Querencia.


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