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The following poem was inspired by my acquaintance with this people (the strangers), having read the tremendous hadith.

“Islam began as something strange and shall return as something strange, as it began. So tooba (bessed) are the strangers.” It was said: “who are the strangers?” The prophet replied “They are those who are upright and righteous when people(the world) are corrupt” [Sahîh Muslim (1/130)]

   P.S — Every line of the poem is an allusion to a sunnah(saying, actions, sanctions) of the prophet.   Here goes nothing:


Those who know much but say little

Glad-tidings to this people

Those who smile more and laugh little

Those who speak only when they know

And listen more when they don’t

Those who eat only when hungry

With characters so lofty!

Tooba to this people!

Those who follow what is clear

And hold the sunnah so dear

Tidings to this people

Though they’re few in number

But in knowledge

They outnumber

Those that make you wonder

If the day was 24 or more than

Tooba to them!

Those who hardly play but are funny

Tidings to this people

With Faces lighting up the room

With smiles as bright as the moon

And the beard, dripping sunnah hmmmm

To their brides the best of grooms

Tooba to the women

The jewels who bear these men

Those who lower the gaze

And screen away with grace

The best wives on the planet

Tooba to their men!

They speak but with evidence

And make the ignorant Speechless

Tooba to these people

Who speak only to improve

Upon the silence

Indeed golden is their silence

We say tooba to them!

May Allaah preserve them!

Those when they act or say

Their words stay the same

Even when they, the Time, and the Place

Are not the same

Tooba to this people Ahle-l- hadith

The people of evidence

Indeed they are strangers!

Say Salaam to the strangers!

To the world you are strange

But to us, you are familiar

Salaam O stranger!

You that walk lightly, no anger

Pass those incurring His anger

Salaam O stranger

You that tread softly with the Sunnah

Salaam dear stranger

Who is often at ease

In sorrow or in bliss

Say salaam to the strangers

Those who tell you the truth(sunnah)

And never force it upon you

Say Salaam to that stranger

For they are few in number.

Submitted by: Ibn Nasir.



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