Rain…rain..Come again!


  Have you ever had that moment when you’re stuck in the middle and can’t take a stand? That’s probably how most of us feel when we’re all dressed and set to go out and then barely minutes after you leave the house (without a car), the rain starts pouring down. When I say pouring, I don’t mean those trickles or playful showers. I’m referring to the very wet, a million buckets waterfall kind.
   We all get that instant irritation because we feel that the rain has ‘ruined’ our day. Some of us even go as far as cursing at the rain!! Whenever this happens, you just have to remember Allah SWT and appreciate one of the beautiful favors of our Lord on mankind. Rain is all so important because it grows the crops that put food on our tables, it cools the atmosphere down in hot weather, it excites the little children to play and it could bring about a spontaneous romantic evening for married couples……and of course it’s an excuse for us sweet toothed people to snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate. The advantages are endless!
    We should regard rain as one of the favors of our Lord….

Also do remember the Prophet’s prayer recited during rainfall:

Allaahumma sayyiban naafi’an (O
Allah bring beneficial rain clouds)


And after the rain stops, say:

Mutirnaa bifadhlillaahi wa
rahmatihi- it has rained by the bounty of Allah & his Mercy

Have a lovely rainy day and smile the blues away.



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