To The Women

How would you feel
If I asked you to be naked
Before I speak to you?

Would you be mad?
Would you be sad?
Or report me to dad?

How would you feel
If I asked you to be semi-naked
Before I look at you?

Won’t you be mad?
Won’t you be sad?
Won’t you report me to dad?

I would have lost my respect
For you if I do not ask
That you be veiled…

By the Creator
Of the heavens
And the earth –

Your hair is alluring
Your voice is sonorous
And your eyes are captivating

You are beautiful
Beyond sight
And so is your mind

I swear by Allah
You are special
Beyond worlds

And if you continue
To walk down the streets
This naked

These men
Won’t respect

No man can attack
What he can’t see

Seeing Is believing…

This poem was sent in by
the lyrical maestro himself, Adewale Oreshade. This brother’s gifts are endless. Not only does he write poetry, he is a songwriter and lawyer! He  currently lives in New York with his charming wife. You can read more of Wale’s poetry on his blog by clicking here.



One thought on “To The Women

  1. *coughs* the third line of the third stanza was added to the second. ‘Before’

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