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All In A Heartbeat

  I’m such a contradictory soul! Here I was, talking about how my shoes were going to whiskme through life at a sprint and you’ll have to run to catch me. That was only last week, no? And now, I’m back with a poem on why we should slow down a little in life.
   Yeah, yeah…I decided to give poetry a try again. I’ve written something similar on this topic of taking life one step at a time here. This poem is titled:
In A Heartbeat
Wait a minute
Take a breath
Before the death
All in a minute
How often we meet
Hello, Enchanté!
But then hurry in a sashay
All in a heartbeat
Rich and lasting like the color of beet
Is the lifetime which we plunder
That we would just pause and wonder
All in a heartbeat
Father, engrossed by the rat race in its heat
Mother, neglecting nothing but to nurture
Friend, so fleeting by the very nature
All in a heartbeat
Cradle to feet
Rattle to Mac
A full circle and back
All in a heartbeat
Embrace the different pleats
Of the life that is ours to live
His to take and give
All in a heartbeat
For when the curtains fall
And you hear that clarion call
You’ll suddenly want more
Yet only be able to look in awe
For when the heart beats
You should heed
And do that deed
Just one heartbeat…..
   Basically, while the seemingly important things may consume our time and energies again and again, we should create time for the things we hold less dear, because most times, these are the memories that will tide us by.
Ok, enough with the ‘seriousity’! Phew! I feel like a DIY shrink right now…..hehehe 😀 Anyways, take care!


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