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      I think I swallowed a lyrical bug or something. I’m posting yet another poem, just because I seem to have found my inner Voltaire . This one was composed at the request of my tesoro. I chose this topic because that’s all that weighs on my mind lately: the seeming ‘undirection’ of my potential career. It’s called:


The moment we’d been waiting for

The unraveling of the score

Glee follows at finally making the cut

All the toil hadn’t resulted to naught

Euphoric as a pair of raised oars

Prancing about, newly admitted Zebras

Wonder and awe on every tongue

Eager to absorb it all in our neural sponge

Novelty soon fades away

The façade was not here to stay

And then the only water which annoints

Sails on a straight course of four points

Lord Diplock, Smith versus who?

Massive migraine, oh you too?

Cases of such a frequency

They are almost a currency

And the countdown begins

Six months to either lose or win

Then march onward to Mars

I hear it is called the bar

What is in a LL.B

But a measure of pedigree?

And the lush vegetation

Of a supreme occultation?

Or perhaps I’m just foolish

Harbouring this frivolous fetish

Lone wolf in a judicial pack

Had no notice, no memo -jack!

I just thought it was Law Laid Back



5 thoughts on “LL.B

  1. Honoured to get a mention in ur beautiful poem..@theoriginalandauthenticdiplockofclassof14.

  2. At last d wait paid. Almost gav up on ya. Dnt collect ur bachelor degree ama ger'it 4 ya. Aint badt ryt?

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