My name is Khadijat Bello. I am a Nigerian Muslim. Who is studying law at the University of Lagos presently. I am from a family of three kids where I’m the only girl. Contrary to whatever you may think, I’m not spoilt. As you may already know, I like to write. ……About any and everything. I’m not sure how to describe my genre of writing. I just know that it involves a lot of sarcasm and joviality. I hope that you are entertained by my blog, because that’s the aim of all those hours on the keyboard -the enjoyment of the readers.

   Viva Kadija, which means Kadija’s Life in Spanish is my labor of love. The title comes from the fact that I LOVE love love anything from the more exotic places of the world. You could say I’m a serial culture climber. Anyways, the blog is basically a telescope into my innermost thoughts as I journey through life everyday. The word that comes to mind in my attempt to define it is ‘peculiar’. Hopefully, you’ll stay through this journey with me. 

    Happy reading !!